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September 07, 2007

Quest End

books in the forestComing out of the jungle? Emerging from the rain forest? Our 2007 Summer Quest ends September 10th, with the big evening party. Hundreds and hundreds of books have been read.

Where will your bunnies go next? This year's setting - the rain forest - was suggested by one of last year's participants, Yared. Put in your suggestions now for next years quest location.

We trust you had a good time and, since your quests were determined partly by choice and partly by chance, we hope you may now want to follow some of the other challenges that were off on other trails. Or read more books by any author you liked, or books about a subject you discovered. Just don't stop! Keep reading! Keep questing!

Here is the list of 2007 quests with links to our notes
An adventure book, or two
A scary book, or a mystery book, or a book about something mysterious
Fiction by an author whose last name begins with the same letter as your first name
A book of myths, or about something mythical
A book with dinosaurs in it, or any large reptile (even a dragon if you wish)
A book of cartoons, comic strips, or superheroes
A book of poetry
A science fiction book, or a book about science
A book about an animal
An easy book
A tall book
A book with a red cover
A play (example: a bit of Shakespeare)
A book about Knights or old Europe
A book about cooking
A book about Africa
A funny book
A difficult book
A book about a different culture
An award-winning book
A book written by someone whose last name begins with the same letter as your last name
A folktale or a fairy tale
A book about a faraway place
A book about water or bodies of water
A short book
A long book
A book with a green cover

An exciting book
A book about making something OR instead of reading a book you can use paper wisely: write a poem or story, or fold paper into origami, an airplane, a boat ?
Free choice: as many books as you want
A book about nature: environment, disasters, weather, etc.
Reread an old favorite, or something you liked when you were younger.

Extra bonus prize quests
Monkeys (and more monkeys)

The adventure pack Be Ready for Anything list
150s Feelings
220s Bible stories
292 Greek myth (myth quest)
305 and 306 Different kinds of people and families (cultures quest)
391 Costume
398.2 Folk tales, fairy tales (folktale quest)
398.22 Legendary heroes
400s Language
520s Solar System, stars
568 Dinosaurs (dinosaur quest)
590s Animals (animal quest)
612 Human body
635 Gardening
636 Pets
641.5 Cooking (cooking quest)
741.5 Cartoons/comics (comics quest)
743 Drawing
780s Music
796 Sports
811 Poetry (American) (poetry quest)
910 Adventuring (faraway quest ?)
930s Ancient cultures
940.1 Medieval times
970s Indians, Native American Ways
(We are still making little Dewey notes for these)

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