October 30, 2015

Our Friend Mac

Leo 9781452131566The Skunk 9781596439665

The New York Times just released its annual 10 Best Illustrated Children’s Book list and, as usual, it contains some interesting, quirky and thoughtful choices. Of particular note: both the illustrator and author of one of the 10 choices – Christian Robinson and Mac Barnett – visited our library recently to talk about the book, which is titled Leo, A Ghost Story . One other note: Barnett is the author of another of the 10 books on the list, The Skunk, which was illustrated by Patrick McDonnell.

On the occasion of Mac's last visit we posted a list of the Mac Barnett books we have in our library collection. They are quite diverse, including both picture and chapter books.

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October 28, 2015


LEGO Club is Sunday, November 1. Drop in from 1:30-3:00 to play with a variety of LEGO, including Duplos. The target age of this free play program is 3-10. Registration is not required but it keeps you up to date with program goings on.

Posted by kathryn at 01:10 PM

October 27, 2015

Halloween Rhymes

Today at Circle Time, we learned a few rhymes and songs featuring Halloween themes. These include: Big Black Cat, Hoot Owl, and Big and Scary Eyes. Read on to learn the words to these rhymes and songs:

Here are some fun Halloween rhymes and songs to do with children:

Big Black Cat

(To the tune of Where Is Thumbkin?
Creeping, creeping,
Creeping, creeping
Big Black Cat,
Big Black Cat.
Sneaking 'round the corners,
Sneaking 'round the corners,
Pit, pit, pat.
Pit, pit, pat.
(Note: it's fun to act this song out. Just make your hands creep along like a cat, then flatten them out to pit, pit pat.)

Big and Scary Eyes

See my big and scary eyes,
Watch out for the big surprise,
(Directions: cup your thumbs and index fingers around your eyes, then sweep them to the side as you say BOO!).

Hoot Owl

Hoot Owl, Hoot Owl
Up in your tree.
Hoot Owl, Hoot Owl
What do you see?
I see a black cat running by me!
That's what I see way up in my tree.
Hoot Owl, Hoot Owl
Up in your tree.
Hoot Owl, Hoot Owl
What do you see?
I see a big pumpkin rolling by me!
That's what I see way up in my tree.
Hoot Owl, Hoot Owl
Up in your tree.
Hoot Owl, Hoot Owl
What do you see?
I see a black spider crawling by me!
That's what I see way up in my tree.
(Directions: hoot each time you say Hoot Owl, point upwards when you say up in your tree, circle your eyes when you say what do you see, then act out with your fingers each of the things that the owl sees -- running cat, rolling pumpkin and crawling spider).

Pumpkin, Pumpkin

Pumpkin, pumpkin
Turn around.
Pumpkin, pumpkin
Touch the ground.
Pumpkin, pumpkin
Stomp your feet.
Pumpkin, pumpkin
Trick or treat!
(Directions: hold arms at side in semi-circle shape to make yourself a pumpkin. Then follow the directions in the rhyme. For the last line, bend down low and then pop up as you say Trick or treat!

Posted by karen at 03:34 PM

October 25, 2015

Takoma Park's Good Old Storyteller

CandaceCandace Wolf - Scary Stories 7pm
Really Scary Stories 7:50pm
Monday the 26th

The earlier program, 7-7:45 is for children 5-7.
The second program, no-holds-barred traditional tales, is for kids (and adults) 8 and up.

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October 20, 2015

Comics Jam Canceled

No Comics Jam today 10/20. The next one is planned for November 10 at 4 pm.

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October 17, 2015

Crafts for Kids on Sunday, 10/18

Halloween and Fall Crafters are invited to BYOP. That's bring your own pumpkin to decorate with washi tape!

Posted by kathryn at 01:52 PM

October 15, 2015

Atlas Adventures

50 States 9781847807113

Wednesday Oct 21 7:30pm - Author Gabrielle Balkan presents The 50 States, a new collection of fact-filled, illustrated maps for kids.

Travis Jonker's Review of 50 States

From the description at Politics and Prose :

This more-than-an-atlas offers maps of each state as well as introductions full of cultural and historical information about what makes each one unique. Timelines detail a variety of important events ranging from hugely influential to downright quirky, and children’s book authors and illustrators from across the country are given special prominence throughout the pages.

Politics & Prose will be selling copies of the book, but the program is free and no purchase is required to attend.

Gabrielle Balkan on Twitter

The illustrator for The 50 States was Sol Linero


Posted by library at 02:10 PM

October 14, 2015

Ghost Story

Took 9780544551534

Monday Oct 19 7:30pm – Author Mary Downing Hahn discusses her latest horror novel for kids, Took

We have 9 books by Mary Downing Hahn in our library catalog. One of these, Wait Till Helen Comes, has recently been made into a movie.

Hahn is a Maryland author (and librarian!) Here is list of some children's books set in this area.

Another scary book by a Maryland author/librarian? Blood and Chocolate.

Posted by library at 01:02 PM

October 12, 2015

Comics Jam Postponed

Our Comics Jam program, scheduled for Tuesday October 13 at 4 p.m., is postponed until next Tuesday October 20 at 4 p.m. Join us then for a fun program devoted to reading comics together!

Posted by karen at 08:45 PM

Bedtime Stories - Not Tomorrow

The story program that was scheduled for 10/13/15 has been canceled. All those registered have been notified by e-mail.

Want to be notified if a children's room event is rescheduled or canceled? Or recurs irregularly? Register your child for the programs that interest you. (If you're an older kid you can register yourself.)

This also helps us to estimate supplies/seating if the program involves food or crafts or just space.

Posted by library at 01:26 PM

October 08, 2015

A New Rangers Book !

Tuesday Oct 13 7:30pm – John Flanagan, internationally best-selling author of the Ranger’s Apprentice and Brotherband series, spotlights his new book, The Tournament at Gorlan. This event will take place in the Takoma Park Community Center auditorium.

The new book is a prequel to the Ranger's Apprentice series and features the characters Halt and Crowley.

We have 18 titles by John Flanagan in the library collections. He is one of our most popular authors.

Posted by library at 04:39 PM

October 03, 2015

Wannabe Cool

Tuesday, Oct. 6, 7 p.m. – Illustrator Matt Davies discusses his new picture book for children, Nerdy Birdy.
Davis is a Pulitzer and Herblock Prize-winning editorial cartoonist, currently the staff cartoonist for Newsday. Davies also illustrated Ben Rides On and Ben Draws Trouble

Nerdy Birdy 9781626721272

Creepy Carrots fans: the writer for Nerdy Birdy is Aaron Reynolds who has written several popular picture books including Carnivores, Chicks and Salsa, and Here comes Destructosaurus!

Love illustration? Use twitter? or tumblr, instagram, facebook, flickr, pinterest ? Keep your eye on #inktober this month.

Posted by library at 11:18 AM

October 02, 2015

The Little Robot

Monday Oct 5 7:30pm – Graphic novelist Ben Hatke, known for his Zita the Spacegirl books, returns to Takoma Park. He will introduce has newest book for kids, the absolutely delightful Little Robot.


Posted by library at 12:30 PM
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