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August 27, 2013

March On!

We've got a special display of children's and teen books to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington. Come in and check them out! An in-depth look at some of the newer books can be found in this article Children's Corner: New books detail Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and the March on Washington - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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August 21, 2013

Al Capone Does My Homework

Al Capone Does My Homework In 2004, author Gennifer Choldenko published a historical novel for kids titled Al Capone Does My Shirts. Kids and critics alike loved her story of a boy who lives with his family on Alcatraz Island in the 1930's because his father is a guard there, and the book won a 2005 Newbery Honor. Choldenko followed up with Al Capone Shines My Shoes a few years later. Now, Choldenko is just about to publish the final book in the trilogy, Al Capone Does My Homework. Check out what Choldenko has to say about the books and her life as a writer: Children's Corner: Al Capone series author will always be captivated by Alcatraz - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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August 16, 2013

Arts & Literacy Fun

Kids ages 4-8 are invited to participate a unique series of programs, Arts & Literacy Fun, combining books, crafts, theater, music and more. The programs will be led by high school senior Allison Kempe as part of her effort to earn the Girl Scout's Gold Award. The programs will take place at 7 p.m. each Tuesday, beginning September 3 and ending Oct. 1. Allison is a veteran camp counselor and babysitter and will be assisted at the programs by a team of adults and teens. At each program, children will read a book and then do some related literacy and arts projects; all materials will be provided. Children can come to one, two , three, four or all five programs, but initial registration is required so we can keep track of participants. Parents/guardians will be invited to sign a photo release so that Allison can use photos of the programs when she makes her final Gold Award presentation. Each program will last approximately 45 minutes to one hour. To register, go to Program Registration - Takoma Park Maryland Library or call us at 301-891-7259.

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August 10, 2013

World Book

We subscribe to the World Book Web. Sign in with your library card.

Unlike our print edition, there are several different versions.

If you are using a small mobile device try this:


Using a bigger pad or monitor?


Try searching these directly in these boxes:

Or you can just go here.

world book

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August 05, 2013

Smart Math

Kids tend to go off track during the summer. Of course they are not just having fun, they are also learning, whether watching butterflies in a bush or even inside watching National Geographic specials. But in the very narrow sense of reading and math grade levels, they slip. Derail.

Many (most?) public libraries have summer reading programs that may help with reading. But 'rithmatic? We now have Britannica Smart Math. So get cracking.

We hope that adults too will experiment with this. Perhaps you will discover, or rediscover, that math can be a joy, that stretching your mind is satisfying. Or perhaps not. Keep an open mind and try it.

The Smart Math levels range from K (numbers with an introduction to addition and subtraction) to 8 (functions, exponents, radicals, and the like). What is GFC/LCD anyhow? Find out in level 6. Did you know that algebra now begins at level 4?

You may need to avoid mobile devices for this tool as it requires flash.

It works great on our public workstations (Linux and Firefox).

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August 01, 2013

Summer Quest Campfire

Kids are invited to come on Monday, August 12 at 7 p.m. for our annual Summer Quest Campfire program. This year, everyone can enjoy making a special craft based on our robots theme. As always, every participant also will go home with the makings for that campfire culinary favorite, símores! Registration encouraged so we can make sure to have plenty of supplies:
Program Registration - Takoma Park Maryland Library or call us at 301-891-7259.

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Bedtime Stories

Come meet Ms. Kati, our newest librarian, as she leads our monthly Bedtime Stories program on Monday, Aug. 5 at 7 p.m. No registration is required for this half-hour program, which is perfect for babies, toddlers, preschoolers and their grown-ups.

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