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June 29, 2004

Hello again!

I'm back from vacation and happy to see that folks are already busily reading. Right now we have 18 players on the board, and Andrew S' character (the veloci-rabbitor named Bitexor) is all the way up to area A6, nose-to-nose with the Lion in the greenhouse room.
I have read two books so far, Swimming to Antarctica-- about a long-distance swimmer named Lynne Fox, and Bringing Down the House-- about 6 students from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology who made millions of dollars in Las Vegas by calculating odds in the game blackjack. I'd highly recommend both of them to advanced readers. They may take a little longer to finish but they're an interesting read. All I need now is another vacation or two, or five, and I'll have this SQ thing all wrapped up!

That reminds me, I need to go put my character on the board. Later for now,


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June 15, 2004

Hello All!

This page exists to talk about how your summer reading is going. Are there any books you've read that you really liked and think folks should know about? Type that here! Are you on vacation but want to make sure your summerquest character gets moved along to the next spot? Type here too!

I'll put updates on here from time to time just to give an idea of what's going on and how everybody's doing.

As of right now we have 30 kids signed up for SQ 2K4. Only two days into SQ already four books have been read and returned (Caseyd's 'Robot X-2' and BerhaneA's 'Torse' are on the board). That's quick.

Talk to you later,


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