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August 05, 2013

Smart Math

Kids tend to go off track during the summer. Of course they are not just having fun, they are also learning, whether watching butterflies in a bush or even inside watching National Geographic specials. But in the very narrow sense of reading and math grade levels, they slip. Derail.

Many (most?) public libraries have summer reading programs that may help with reading. But 'rithmatic? We now have Britannica Smart Math. So get cracking.

We hope that adults too will experiment with this. Perhaps you will discover, or rediscover, that math can be a joy, that stretching your mind is satisfying. Or perhaps not. Keep an open mind and try it.

The Smart Math levels range from K (numbers with an introduction to addition and subtraction) to 8 (functions, exponents, radicals, and the like). What is GFC/LCD anyhow? Find out in level 6. Did you know that algebra now begins at level 4?

You may need to avoid mobile devices for this tool as it requires flash.

It works great on our public workstations (Linux and Firefox).

Posted by library at August 5, 2013 10:07 AM