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July 11, 2007

Ancient Times

ancient times
One of our summer quests sends the reader in search of ancient history, fiction or non-fiction, but you don't have to be a quester to enjoy a good book about Greece or Machu Picchu.

Here are the Dewey numbers for ancient history.
930 History of the ancient world
931 China
932 Egypt
933 Israel and other Semitic Civilizations
934 India
935 Mesopotamia & Iranian Plateau
936 Europe north of Italy
937 Italy
938 Greece
939 Other parts of ancient world


If you are interested in Druids you could go to 936.2 for The Life and Death of a Druid Prince, walk over to the fiction section for The Druid King by Norman Spinrad, check the children's room under 741.5 (comics) for several Asterix collections, and return to the adult side to sample some fantasy by Terry Brooks.

Ancient Egypt? Sit down in the reference room with Atlas of Ancient Egypt (R 932). Look for Cat Mummies (J 932) in the children's room, and while you are in there check out For All Time by Caroline B. Cooney, or Pharaoh's Daughter by Julius Lester (both J Fic). Over on the adult side you can find several fascinating non-fiction books such as Reflections of Osiris : Lives from Ancient Egypt (932.1), and finally settle down with a novel by Arthur Phillips or one of the many mysteries of Elizabeth Peters. Though we don't have a copy of Norma for the Druid enthusiasts, we do have some extracts from Aida.

And so on. Whatever part of ancient history interests you, you can look through art books, history books, fiction, atlases (check the atlas case too), biographies.

O mihi praeteritos referat si Iuppiter annos. Here are some sites that will lead you more deeply into ancient times:
Museum of Reconstructions
Kidipede for kids and teachers, organized by a history professor (fun for adults as well)
Ancient History Sourcebook
The Classics Address your questions about Greece and Rome to the Oracle of Loxias

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