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August 28, 2007


animalsWild animals live in the Dewey 590s, domestic animals in 636. But animals are everywhere else too - in fiction, in legends, in history, in music (can you think of some songs?), in mythology.
If you are interested in a pet dog, not a wolf, go to 630s, agriculture. The domesticated animals are:
636.1 Horses and their cousins
636.2 Cows, bison, camels
636.3 Sheep and goats
636.4 Pigs
636.5 Chickens and turkeys
636.6 Birds that you don't usually eat, for example parakeets
636.7 Dogs
636.8 Cats
636.9 Other animals such as guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters

The wild animals? The 590s, the place for wolves.

590 Studying animals
591 Animal ecology, diseases, development, or animals grouped by where they live.

From here on they are sorted more or less according to who is related to whom.
592 Invertebrates of all sorts mixed up in a book.
593 Specific invertibrates: Protozoa, corals, jellyfish, sea stars & urchins etc.
594 Mollusks (snails, slugs and all those wonderful sea shelled creatures)
----- must see: J PIC PEARSON Slugs in love
595 Still more invertebrates - worms, crawdads, spiders and insects

Now come the back bones.
596 Vertebrates of all kinds
597 Cold-blooded vertebrates - amphibians and reptiles Remember snake dancer?
598 Birds
599 Mammals

And each of those groups of animals is then subdivided. For example the 599 mammals:
599.1 Monotremes which means platypuses and echidnas
599.2 Marsupials: kangaroos, opossoms, koalas
599.3 Anteaters, rabbits, squirrels, mice, beavers
599.4 Bats
599.5 Whales and dolphins
599.6 Hooved animals such as deer and elephants
599.7 Carnivores such as the wild cats, wolves, bears, even mongooses and skunks
599.8 Primates except for people: lemurs and other prosimians, new world monkeys, old world monkeys and apes
599.9 Humans and their forebears

Animals in other places? Find them through the catalog. Put in the name of the type of animal you want to find followed by - fiction (you don't need to capitalize).
For example:
dogs - fiction (464 books as of today)
cats - fiction (396 books)

And you can try other catalog searches such as
cats - folklore (7)
cats - juvenile poetry (3)
cats - poetry (10)
cats - mythology (2)
and so on, even cats - wit and humor (Riddles to tell your cat)

Guinea pigs? Please read Michael Bond's The tales of Olga da Polga. There are 10 other guinea pig - fiction books, but Olga is special.

A great hamster book? Over on the adult side find The Hamster Opera Company by Janis Mitchell (782 H232)

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