August 17, 2007


Not only are several people who drew the drama quest reading Shakespeare's stories, but others are choosing them too. The Tempest or Twelfth Night for calamities, specifically shipwrecks? Anthony and Cleopatra for ancient times? The Two Gentlemen of Verona for comedy or costume? Henry V for knighthood? We seem to be experiencing a small Shakespearean storm surge here.

822.33 is the number. The plays themselves can be found in the adult aisles, various interesting adaptations, often illustrated, in the J room.

Adaptations for young readers:
Enter three witches : a story of Macbeth by Caroline B. Cooney (J FIC COONEY)
Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, adapted by Richard Appignanesi and illustrated by Sonia Leong (J 822.33 SHAKESP)
Shakespeare stories by Leon Garfield, illustrated by Michael Foreman (J 822.33 GARFIEL)
Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet "presented" by Michael Rosen and Jane Ray (J 822.33 ROSEN)
William Shakespeare's A midsummer night's dream retold by Bruce Coville, pictures by Dennis Nolan (J 822.33 COVILLE)
William Shakespeare's Macbeth retold by Bruce Coville, pictures by Gary Kelley (J 822.33 COVILLE)
and a little, a lot, looser - Dating Hamlet : Ophelia's story by Lisa Fiedler (J FIC FIEDLER)

Look for these on the adult side:
Clues to acting Shakespeare by Wesley Van Tassel (822.33 VAN TAS) Breath only at the punctuation marks ... and Will power : how to act Shakespeare in 21 days by John Basil and Stephanie Gunning (792.95 BASIL) Why different Deweys? No idea.
Shadowplay : the hidden beliefs and coded politics of William Shakespeare by Clare Asquith (822.33 ASQUITH)
A year in the life of William Shakespeare : 1599 by James Shapiro (822.33 SHAPIRO)
and scores more.

A Magic Treehouse book? Of course. Stage fright on a summer night by Mary Pope Osborne (J FIC OSBORNE)
A picture book? The boy, the bear, the baron, the bard by Gregory Rogers (J PIC ROGERS)

Remember - we have the Folger Shakespeare Library right downtown - exhibits, theater, garden, and a nice little shop with lots of books. Easily accessible by Metro.

Shakespeare Search via Yippy
Mr. William Shakespeare and the Internet
Internet Shakespeare Editions
Encyclopaedia Brittanica's Guide to Shakespeare
In Search of Shakespeare (PBS)
Shakespeare: Links to Every Single Play, Resources Offering Notes and Interpretations, Cool Facts, Festivals and More
Quick links to full text of the plays (scroll down, html)

UPDATE June 29th 2012:
One of readers recommends the following links:


Posted by library at August 17, 2007 05:46 PM
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