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September 11, 2008

Summary Quest 2008

Great summer.

  • 207 kids signed up this year
  • 132 of those kids read at least one book
  • 33 kids finished the SummerQuest
  • 1,051 books were read by kids participating in SummerQuest
  • 254 experience points extra books were read by kids participating in SummerQuest
  • 53 kids made items for Challenge No. 7 (Read a book that teaches you how to make or do something, then make or do it.)
  • Camden read the most books 59
  • Lily finished second
  • Michelle kept track of how many pages she read - 23 books, for a total of 3,342
  • Bersabeh was the first to finish
  • Conner did every challenge both path A and path B and read extra books, for a total of 26 books.
  • Ahamadu also did every SummerQuest challenge, for a total of 13 books.
  • At least ten kids read a total of 20 or more books. In addition to Camden, Lily, Michelle, Bersabeh, Conner and Ahamadu, those kids who read 20 or more books were: Zahava (32 books); Grace (21 books); C.J. and Jeremiah (22 books); Joseph, Rachel and Chimey (20 books)
  • If you add up all the ages of all the kids who signed up, it totals 1,618.9 years!
Posted by library at September 11, 2008 05:46 PM