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May 24, 2007

Decoration Day 07

Decoration DayThe library will be closed Monday, May 28th.

Yesterday we had the reference question "Memorial Day wasn't always on Monday, was it? What was the day?" The answer is May 30th in most states. In '68 Congress passed a Uniform Holidays Bill directing that, beginning in 1971, Memorial Day, Veteran's Day, Columbus Day, and Washington's Birthday all be moved from fixed dates to Mondays. With Veteran's Day the change did not stick - most states continue to commemorate the day on the actual date of the armistice. (And many think the traditional date for Memorial Day should be restored.)

The first Memorial Day? Possibly in South Carolina in 1865, created by liberated slaves and union soldiers. It has been observed annually in towns all over the Union states since about 1866.

National Moment of Remembrance A moment of private thanks. 3 PM on Memorial Day.

Note: Maryland, though a slave state and south of the Mason-Dixon line, did not rebel, but instead stayed with the Union. So a Confederate Memorial Day is not celebrated here.

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May 14, 2007

Police News

policeNot only do the police blog their bulletins, blotters and news releases, they now are putting surveillance videos on youtube. This means many more people, using many different sorts of computers, can see them.

Look at this video from March 2.
View the police blog or subscribe to the rss feed.

Listen to the Takoma Park Police Bulletins

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May 08, 2007


Monday, May 14, 7 PM at the Library
A program for the 300th anniversary of the founding of Jamestown.

Sorry, we won't have the English queen. But we will have Takoma Park author Karen Lange who will discuss her new children’s book, 1607: A New Look At Jamestown. She will talk about both the local indigenous people and recent archeology at the site.

For kids ages 8 up as well as adults.
Please call 301.891.7259 to register.
Homework (it's fun) :
Virginia Council on Indians
Interactive Archeology

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