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June 06, 2004


D-Day. Please look through these web sites:
Normandy 1944 (Encyclopaedia Britannica)
Normandy (from the Army)

Tiananmen Square
The Gate of Heavenly Peace (companion site to the film)
Tiananmen Square, 1989: The Declassified History National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book

Good anniversary sites:
Today in History (Library of Congress American Memory Project)
This Day in History (History Channel)
On This Day (BBC)
On This Day (Encarta Encyclopedia)

And in the library ...

R 394.2 H732 Holidays and anniversaries of the world : a comprehensive catalogue containing detailed information on every month and day of the year ...

R 909.82 CHRONIC Chronicle of the 20th century

R 909.82 PERMANE The Permanent book of the 20th century : eye-witness accounts of the moments that shaped our century
from which we have this "1 p.m. I beg everyone to eat, but the noise gets worse and when I open the window I see all the Germans bent double going across the village bridge. We take our plates out, scuttle across the terrace and fall into the trench. The terrace is covered with bullets, the little maid feels one scrape her leg ..."

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