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September 24, 2007

Mike's Party

Thanks to everyone who played in the Mike Morrissey Mulligan Madness tournament, and to those who partied after and participated in the loud and rowdy auctions and raffle.
This yearly event, in memory of Mike, has raised thousands upon thousands of dollars for our library over the last few years. Ever notice that the USB connectors in public computer room A are little golf balls? A quiet nod to the M M M M folks whose efforts paid for a big chunk of the public access software. Various special programs and services? Courtesy of lots of slices and hooks.

Please join in next year. You don't need to be any good at golf. The library staff members who played had a great time and came in dead last (but won an award for honesty). And if you really don't want to play you can sponsor someone to play in your stead while you just go to the party.

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September 09, 2007


Recent reference question: how do you tie a sheepshank knot to fasten two ropes together?
Reference questions are commonly a bit off. Sheepshank knots are used to shorten a rope, not to attach two pieces together. A sheet bend is what was intended.

Animated instructions from the Tollesbury Sailing Club
Animated knots by Grog You can control the speed of the animation with the mouse (which leaves you with only one hand to tie)
BSA animated instructions and basic knot information

If you need to take the instructions outdoors or use both hands, you may prefer step by step pictures
50 boy scout knots from BSA troop 6 of Coral Gables or
Knot Knowledge photo illustrations

What knot to use when
Primitive ways

How to tie your shoes
Square knot vs granny knot
Fieggen shoelace knot which is the same as the Ian knot, Ian Fieggen being one person
Lacing methods

How to tie the line to your hook

How to tie a tie
Pratt knot relatively new
Four in hand most common
Windsor formal
Half Windsor
Bow tie see also the Wikihow instructions
If you are a mathematician

Mathematics of knots
Mathematically generated celtic knots The mathematics flows into knots as art.
Classification of knots
Knot theory

In The Higher Power of Lucky, this year's Newbery Award Winner, knots form a theme. And one of the characters, Lincoln, is a member of the International Guild of Knot Tyers.

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