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December 17, 2005


We now offer free wi-fi access in the library. The signal is strongest in the reference room and on the adult reading tables, rather weak elsewhere. Wi-fi is also available in the community center - in the rotunda area near the computer rooms and in the main lobby.

We certainly don't intend to replace anyone's home Internet account. Please remember that our hours are limited and at the times you may most need access (a 3 AM urge to watch the panda cam?) we will be closed.

We hope it will be useful for connecting directly to URLs that are mentioned in books or magazines, taking notes and stuffing them into your online storage files or e-mailing them to yourself, and that sort of thing.

If you have an appropriate wireless connection card in your laptop, just turn your computer on and it should detect the network. As plugs are limited, be sure you bring a fully charged battery.

Some caveats:

  • There are no guarantees of privacy and anyone could be monitoring your transmissions. You must always remember that this wi-fi system is absolutely insecure and never transmit private information including credit card numbers and the like. Consider every keystroke public.
  • We cannot guarantee reliability. We don't know when it will work, when it won't. The signal strength may vary.
  • There is no virus protection.
  • We cannot help configure your computer or provide any sort of technical assistance.

But it does work - enjoy it!

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December 15, 2005

Solstice Dancing Postponed

The library will close today at 6 PM because of driving conditions. The solstice dancing will be rescheduled later.

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December 13, 2005

Public Computers

the first day in the computer centerOne room of the public computer area of the community center opened yesterday on a limited basis and after the first hour or so it was full of adventurous people willing to be testers.

At one point half the people lost their Internet connection but it was restored within 30 minutes or so. At another a couple of people were bumped for work station reconfiguration. But on the whole the computers worked reasonably well and people had fun.

For the moment there is no printing, but if you want to experiment come try it between 12 noon and 6 pm on weekdays. Once everything is working correctly the second room will be opened, and eventually the hours will be expanded.

Update 12/16. Printing now works.

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