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June 21, 2011

SummerQuest For Adults

Participation in our unique, original, and very clever summer reading program isn't limited to kids. If you want to be encouraged to read outside your usual genres, this will do it. At some points you will be randomly sent to a Dewey range. Will you be challenged to read a cookbook next? Poetry? Speculative fiction? A book where the author's last name begins with the same letter as yours?

To finish the quest you will read at least 10 books by mid-September, but don't worry too much about finishing. Getting half-way is quite an accomplishment.

The books do have to be checked out from our library. When you return each one we will record your progress on the big score sheet. And you can read adult, YA, or kid books. Or some mix. Or listen to audiobooks.

SummerQuest Rabbit Register here

Then come in and pick up your game board, choose your avatar, and your first selection, an "adventure book". Most of our books fall into that category, even Haircutting for Dummies can be an adventure. Especially if you practice on your family.

More Information. That post is written for kids, but we want encourage all ages to participate.

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