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October 23, 2010

Books and Pancakes

Today: The book sale on the library lawn will last until 3 PM.

The Famous Boy Scout All-You-Can-Eat Pancake Supper begins at 4 PM, Presbyterian Church on Tulip. Lasts until 8.

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October 07, 2010


Do you use our library's search widget? We index a large number of Takoma web pages (about 10,000), and a single search will look at many organizations at one time. (Web Pages includes just the 6,000 some html and txt files. If you also want the 4,000 pdf files, choose Everything.)

Quick Search of Takoma Park Online

We sometimes check to see what people are looking for. One of the most common searches is for "restaurants".

So where can you find a list of places to eat? You can pick up a booklet at the main desk in the Community Center, "Eat Takoma 2007", produced by the Department of Housing and Community Development, or check one of the many restaurant sites online.

Please note: both in the booklet, and online, not all of the listed restaurants are in Takoma Park, most are just more or less nearby, not all still exist (for example: Savory and Talianos are gone), and most of the lists miss a number of the little ethnic restaurants just across the border in the Piney Branch / Flower/ University area.

As for online sites, the relative ratings are, well, bizarre. You may do better by asking friends and neighbors, or acquaintances you see at the farmer's markets, what they think of specific restaurants.
Here are some of the online lists. If you look through them, you may find some places you've never tried.

  • The Yelp list is certainly extensive if you search on the words "Takoma Park", but note, the majority of the restaurants are nowhere near. For most of TP plus a lot of NH Avenue PG places, use the zip 20912 instead. To get downtown Silver Spring, put in zip 20910 and specify restaurants. Nearby DC is 20012.
  • TakomaParkPatch interprets "Takoma Park" as a post office designation, yielding a listing that includes places inside Takoma Park and in the unincorporated area of Prince George's County that abuts Takoma Park. Each listing has quite a lot of detail.
  • Chowhound yields a similar list, Takoma Park plus nearby PG County. Less detail, but you can select by TP neighborhood. For Silver Spring put "fenton street, silver spring" in the location box. Zip searches don't seem to work well in Chowhound. Menuism and Menupix, use basically the same list, TP + PG along the New Hampshire corridor.

Each list has unique features. And there are many, many more. Look through them all. See what you like.

The print booklet is the most comprehensive in that a human being understood what "near Takoma Park" means: TP and adjacent areas of DC, PG and MC are all covered in part. This list also includes small groceries as well as restaurants and carry-outs. Because it was printed over three years ago, much of it is outdated. Restaurants change names and ethnicity with alarming frequency. Nevertheless, it is well worth picking up a copy the next time you are in the Community Center building.

And Remember, many of the Takoma Park restaurants have their own websites. Examples: Middle Eastern Cuisine; Mark's Kitchen; Capital City Cheesecake; Manna; Roscoe's Neapolitan Pizzeria; Tiffin

And then there are the franchises with uniform menus that can be found on the corporate web sites: Subway on Carroll and on University; Starbucks; Popeye's Chicken & Biscuits; IHOP; Pizza Movers on Carroll and on Flower; Pollo Campero.

You may need to work at this. Some places, such as the Organic Falafel Stand and Everyday Gourmet, are a bit harder to research online, not appearing on many of the lists.

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