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May 29, 2013

Infographics and Surveys

Sunday, June 2, 3 PM, computer room B

Come explore free, online tools for creating your own polls and surveys.
Want to dazzle your audience? Learn how to display your survey results as spectacular infographics. (It''s easy.)

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May 12, 2013

Picture Day

12:30 HarvardX Ancient Greek Hero: we continue with hour 7, in which we learn to "close read" images as well additional bits of Homer, pseudo-Demosthenes and Pindar. It's not too late to join. Just plunge in.

3:00 Workshop: Introduction to Befuncky and Pixlr, free and impressive photoediting tools. Everyone is welcome.

Here are the images for today, assembled by Patti using one of the tools from last week's workshop. The key word for this week is sēma (plural sēmata) which means not only sign or symbol (think sematics and semiotics) but also "tomb of a hero." See the egg-shaped things? Those are the tombs. The little "fairies" flitting about? Psukhes of the heroes. Can you find Achilles? Hector? Andromache? Iris?

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May 07, 2013


Our neon door to the children's room is now an online jigsaw puzzle. Pictures of the doorway confuse people who don't know our library. Some of the panes are clear glass, others are mirrors.

Many thanks to Andris Simsons who used a photo from the Library of Congress' Carol Highsmith archive.

View additional Highsmith photos.
And here are more at her web site.

Entrance to our library's children's room. Photo by Carol Highsmith
Update: Andris Simsons has created a puzzle from another Highsmith photo of our library, this one of the mosaic wall. Give it a try.
Highsmith picture of the mosaic

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May 01, 2013

Cloud Fun

We are offering six weeks of short workshops, in computer room A at 4 PM, to introduce you to interesting, free, online tools. Many have corresponding mobile apps. Each workshop will last approximately 30 minutes.

These workshops will be repeated on Sundays, starting at 3.
Reminder: The library and computer rooms will be open 12-5 starting May 5th.

Video Week April 29-May 3
Friday Letís see what you created

Photo Week May 6-10
Tuesday Letís see what you created with befunky
Wednesday PIXLR
Thursday Letís see what you created with pixlr

Share Info Week May 13-17
Monday STIXY
Wednesday Letís see what you created with any of the tools (video, photo or sharing)
Thursday Letís see what you created with any of the tools (video, photo or sharing)

Infographics Week May 20-24
Wednesday INFOGRAM
Friday Letís see what you created with infographics software

Polling Week May 28-31
Thursday poll each other, collect data
Friday organize your data with in an infographic

Organize Yourself Week June 3-7
Monday TOGGL
Tuesday ASTRID
Wednesday TOODLEDO

Anyone can participate but many of these sites or apps require parental permission if you are under 13, or 13-18. So you may want to bring a parental consent form or, better yet, bring your parent.

If you are underage you are welcome to watch, kibitz, and laugh at staff members trying to create animations.

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