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May 17, 2011


Confused by text message lingo? Have fun with:
Internet Slang Translator
Tiny Twitter (shortens messages)
Twitter Slang
NetLingo. Explore. They have an interesting list.
acronyms and abbreviations database, pop culture plus, over 1 million entries.
another huge, human-edited abbreviations dictionary.

WX? ~~:-(

radar; ascii - acronyms
ref.; vet.; ff; He - abbreviations
BBC; CD - initialisms (initialism is a special form of abbreviation)
So NATO is an acronym, but UN is an initialism.

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May 16, 2011

Thanks Pete

Pete Murphy, our US mail delivery guy, recently retired. Neighbors on the nearby streets he served for over 20 years,
library staff, and Takoma Park Post Office colleagues held a thank-you party to show how grateful we all are for his care,
kindness and devotion to us.

Scroll around. This is a big picture but it was a big party.
Not everyone is pictured. Some resolutely stayed near the food.
Pete is in the yellow shirt.

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