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November 27, 2013

Catching Fire Knitwear

There's cognitive dissonance to me to be coveting the clothing in The Hunger Games series, but so be it. The strange cowl shawl thing in Catching Fire--perfectly asymmetrical for hunting--is sold out in some Etsy stores, but you can find a pattern and make your own. It seems like the more appropriate choice.
There are lots of opinions about this little piece of costuming. Apparently the real cowl is woven, not knit or crocheted.
It is really cold here and I wouldn't mind having one right now!

I enjoyed the Hunger Games series and will probably see the new movie this weekend. There's some controversy about the movie and its marketing and commercialism. Maybe it's sad but I think we've reached the point where it's no surprise that a dystopian book series that embraces the struggle of oppressed people and mocks superficiality would become a big budget film franchise partnering with Cover Girl cosmetics and Subway sandwiches. And that the ultimate anti-Barbie has her own doll! Irony is working overtime.

But I think that picking up archery, hunting, or knitting is well within the spirit of the series and that art exists to inspire us. So I won't feel bad about the desire I have for Katniss' knitwear. Tis the season to DIY.

Posted by kathryn at 04:01 PM

November 14, 2013

16 yr old votes

Alanna Natanson became the first 16 year old to vote in the United States!

In 2009 Alanna shared the John Phillip Immroth Memorial Award with our librarian Karen MacPherson. The award is the American Library Association's annual recognition of an outstanding contribution to intellectual freedom.

(Note: the first recipient, in 1976, was I. F. Stone.)

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