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June 08, 2010

Seeking Shelvers

On July 1, we're beginning a new Library Page program and we need volunteers! This is a great opportunity to help the Library and, for high school students, a perfect way to earn lots of student service learning (SSL) hours. For the program, we are looking for students age 13 and older to help us re-shelve books and other materials each day. Students will earn SSL hours for their work: one hour of SSL for each hour worked.

We need volunteers who know -- or can quickly learn -- our shelving system, which is based on the Dewey Decimal System. In addition, volunteers must be physically able to lift sometimes heavy books, and to reach high and low shelves. Most importantly, however, we need volunteers who are reliable, efficient and committed to helping our library run smoothly.
All volunteers must first take and pass a brief test of their knowledge of the Dewey Decimal System; prior to the test, we will provide simple study materials (including links to an online "Dewey" game or two). In addition, volunteers must be able to commit to a 2- or 3-hour shelving stint each week.

For more information about the Library Page program, please contact children's/teen librarian Karen MacPherson at 301-891-7259 or karenm@takomagov.org. We plan to finalize the details of the program by June 15; the program itself will begin on July 1.

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