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September 25, 2013


Michael Ende's Momo is back in print in a new translation with illustrations by Marcel Dzama.
We've got it on our shelves, so check it out! If you're a fan of scary, strange German books and dark and funny art, or you just really liked The Neverending Story, this is for you.

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September 18, 2013

Letters About Literature

Is it too early to start thinking about Letters About Literature?
This is a very cool contest for writers.

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Third Thursday Poetry Readings

Tomorrow is the first night of the fall 2013 Third Thursday Poetry Readings.

September 11, 2013

Fashion Program on Sunday!

Come to the library for a Fashion Design Workshop!
Sunday, September 15 at 3:00
For kids 10 and up

If you have a interest in fashion and design and cutting and pasting and making things, come to the library on Sunday. We'll be making inspiration boards (think of Pinterest, but on actual paper!) and really beautiful paper dolls and accessories. No registration necessary! Bring your DIY craft skills.
Here's an example of a paper doll template we'll use.
Here's some info about the famous Hermes Kelly bag and one of the templates for a very cool paper version.

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Literary leggings and dresses and swimsuits, oh my!

I'm not advocating that you purchase any of these clothes or judging you if you do (pssst...they're expensive AND crazy!) but I had to let y'all know about the Black Milk Hogwarts Collection. I guess you'd wear this to the club? On Halloween? Cleaning your room on the weekend?
There's also Sesame Street and Middle Earth!

The internet is amazing!

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September 10, 2013

Baby Disco Party

As the Sunday librarian, I won't be attending this event but I had to mention that there's a baby disco dance party at U Street Music Hall!
I'm not sure about the execution or the price point, but I just love the concept!

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Art Notes

Somehow, Silver Clouds completely escaped my attention. This Thursday, Andy Warhol's Mylar pillows will be displayed at Artisphere and the exhibit will run through October.

This is a delightful installation, especially for those of us magpies who are attracted to shiny things. Being from Pittsburgh I was lucky to enjoy Silver Clouds when I was a teen, right when the Warhol Museum opened. It was an exciting look at '60s counterculture for a suburban girl. We saw weird silent films and Velvet Underground ephemera.

If you happen to be in Warhol's home town this winter, the Carnegie International, an exhibition of international artists started in the late 19th Century by Andrew Carnegie, is running from October-March. This is a highly recommended event!

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Teaching Classic Literature

School has just started and students always have interesting books on their required reading lists. Usually it seems to be a mix of the old and the new. Usually it makes me furrow my brow. The "why" of it is not always clear to me.

For many years people have advocated for more or less classic literature. Now, with the Common Core nonfiction literature will be a larger part of the curriculum and I've seen this already with the large numbers of memoirs on reading lists.

Here is one perspective on reading in the classroom and how literature enriches our lives.

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September 09, 2013

A few interesting things

Here are two interesting book links I found.

Most Stolen Authors

I don't think this has changed. I remember reading that the most stolen books included Kerouac and The Bible. It is reassuring to me that people still want to steal Beat Generation literature, as well as Camus and Bukowski. Vive l'avant garde!

Books in Color

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