August 14, 2013

Sweet Sixteens

A long time ago I visited the Enoch Pratt Free Library and attended a program of short 16mm films. I then worked at a library that boasted an impressive collection of 16mm film reels. That collection is unfortunately long gone.

I loved to screen the short children's films at the end of storytime. The kids really got a kick out of watching the projector and watching the film rewind at the end. And how could anyone not love Frog on His Own or Lollipop Opera?

As I was feeling nostalgic and looking up all the books that the Weston Woods films were based on, I came across the Pratt Library's Sights and Sounds Collection. What a treasure! Of course Baltimore--the home of Book Thing, my favorite--has this amazing collection.

If you need something to do on Saturday, September 21, take a trip to Baltimore for a 16mm collaboration with Sight Unseen. They will be presenting experimental shorts from Stan Brakhage and others.
I can't make it but I'm going to take a look at Imagination and Innovation: The Story of Weston Woods which we have in our collection.

With almost all theaters these days switching to digital, this is a rare opportunity.

Posted by at August 14, 2013 04:41 PM
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