March 24, 2010

Move Over, Lassie.

Lad, A Dog. by Albert Payson Terhune
Reviewed by Joie

Lad is not any dog. Thoroughbred in mind and body, Lad is the champion of the collies, a dog with no peer. His tales are famous for their collie ingenuity and wit. But most of all, his soul shines through unmistakably. His deeds are golden, with chivalrous heart. And when the call arises, Lad obeys. Lad is famous for his adventures with his master, "The Master", and with his mistress, "The Mistress". All of these are true stories, told to demonstrate the magical abilities of dogs and especially that of the dog that has a soul, Lad. But there is more. We also have the tale of his son Wolf, the thoroughbred collie who doesn't look like one and has the intelligent brain of a watchdog lying within him.

In Sunnybank, there lives a collie named Lad. He is blessed with extraordinary wisdom and wit, as well as a soul. During his life, he fends off sly suitors that attempt to steal his mate, endures the torture of the old multi-day dog shows, and defends the Place, his kingdom and home. At the Place, Lad has his deities, the "Master" and "Mistress", and his beloved mate and son, Lady and Wolf. However, Lad must endure a plethora of challenges to protect his Place and to preserve his good name, from trekking across thirty miles to get back home to catching sheep robbers. The most beloved collie next to Lassie, Lad has come to capture hearts. Written for dog lovers and children alike, Lad's adventures will cause bated breaths and laughter at his exploits.

Posted by at March 24, 2010 02:07 PM
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