March 24, 2010

Twin Tricks

Lost And Found by Andrew Clemens
Reviewed by Leila

Lost and Found by Andrew Clements is a great book. It's about identical twin brothers named Jay and Ray. The only way you can tell them apart just by looking at them is that Ray has a freckle on his right ankle. On the first day of school in a new town, Ray stays home sick and Jay goes to school alone. Jay finds out that their files have been combined into one and they find this an opportunity to live their school lives on their own and not get confused with each other so each boy goes to school every other day and then they..... READ THE BOOK!!!

One of the best parts of the story is there is so much confusion going on in and out of school. For example, each twin has a girl they are crushing on but they're different girls so..... READ THE BOOK!!!! Also, Ray knows girls while Jay knows math and so Jay has to get better at talking to girls and Ray has to get better at math in order to keep their secret and......... READ THE BOOK!!!!! Another thing I liked is their names. Jay's full name is Jay Ray Grayson and Ray's full name is Ray Jay Grayson. I think this is funny because they basically have the same name if you just change the places of one of the twin's first and middle name.

Andrew Clements is a tremendous writer and has written many different books. Some are The School Story, Room One, A Mystery or Two, The Last Holiday, Lunch Money, and many more. Hope you READ his books because you'll never regret it.

Posted by at March 24, 2010 02:00 PM
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