May 29, 2005


3 recommendations:

306.874 SHAFFER Why Girls Talk and What They're Really Saying
306.874 SHAFFER Why Boys Don't Talk and Why It Matters
427.973 MACNEIL Do you speak American?
(from the authors of The Story of English)

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May 23, 2005

Iraq, Iran and War

Just added to the collection:

956.72 SALEEN My Father's Rifle (Growing up in Kurdestan)
956.704 KEEGAN The Iraq War (by English military historian, John Keegan; excerpt)
327.73 POLLACK The Persian Puzzle (Kenneth M. Pollack, ex-CIA Persian Gulf military analyst)
071.471 FRIEL How the New York Times Misrepresents US Foreign Policy (Howard Friel and Richard Falk 1, 2, 3)

811.54 TRILLIN Obliviously On He Sails (Calvin Trillen's Bush administration poems)

The plans to start this war were laid
Within the Sissy Hawk Brigade
A band of Vietnam evaders
All puffed up now as tough crusaders

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May 16, 2005

Intreprid 19th Century Women

916.204 SHIPMAN To the Heart of the Nile: Lady Florence Baker and the Exploration of Central Africa (Samuel White Baker purchased Florenz when she was sold on an Ottoman slave block. And that is just the first chapter. But the writing style?)
730.92 COOPER Vinnie Ream: An American Sculptor (sculptor of the statue in Farragut Square as well as of the Lincoln statue that stands in the Rotunda. Reputed flirt)

and one from the 20th century
796.72 SEYMOUR Bugatti Queen: In Search of a French Racing Legend

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May 11, 2005

Feel like Fixing Things?

Newly acquired books ...

712.6 OUTDOOR Outdoor Living: the Ultimate Project Guide
693 WALKS Walks, Walls and Patios
690.89 TRUINI Bulding a Shed
690.893 BENEKE Complete Deck Book

that illustrate the occasional difficulties encountered in finding things in a library. If you wanted to build a shed you could find directions in both the 712.6 and the 690.89 books, but you wouldn't find both books if you were browsing one or the other Dewey number. And you wouldn't find both if you were using the catalog because the catalog record for the 712.6 book doesn't mention that it has instructions for building sheds (and decks, and walks, and patios, and so.)

Sheds, walks, or decks are represented by at least two concepts in Dewey-land. Landscape architecture (712) and construction projects (690). Also law. Call 240.777.6260 for information about County permits, 301.563.3400 if you need a Historic Area Work Permit.

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May 09, 2005

From Jazz to Jugged Hare

781.6508 ENSTICE Jazzwomen: Conversations with Twenty-one Musicians (Don't forget the 10th Takoma Park Jazz Festival June 11th)

641.5 HENDERS The Whole Beast: Nose to Tail Eating. (Cold lamb brains on toast? Rolled pig's spleen? Well, there are also chutneys, dressings, and how to make horseradish sauce but this is cookbook for mostly for reading and imagining, not Friday night supper.)

639.229 KETTLEW Electric Dreams: One Unlikely Team of Kids and the Race to Build the Car of the Future. (Students at an impoverished, NASCAR-loving, rural school in North Carolina build an electric car and ... rave reviews.)

0070.92 OSGOOD Defending Baltimore against enemy attack. (Charles Osgood's brief, funny childhood memoir.)

956.704 MUNIER Iraq: An Illustrated History and Guide

306.73 KRAVETZ The Dating Race
(Speed dating, online match sites, and other devices that have replaced sitting around waiting for the phone to ring.)

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May 06, 2005

More Dewey books:

364.163 SINCLAI The Land that Never Was: Sir Gregor MacGregor and the Most Audacious Fraud in History
796.357 COFFEY 27 Men Out: Baseball's Perfect Game

and sitting next to it on the cart ...
363.37 DOWNEY The Last Men Out: Life on the Edge at Rescue 2 Firehouse
813.54 ALBERTS Fault Line
(A completely fascinating memoir)
338.927 ERLICH One with Nineveh: Politics, Consumption, and the Human Future
361.706 EGGER Begging for Change: The Dollars and Sense of Making ANonprofits Responsive, Efficient, and Rewarding for All
618.178 HENIG Pandora's Baby
(Takoma Park Author Robin Henig)
909.049 SPARKS The Two Princes of Calabar (18th cent. adventure - Two African princes, captured and sold as slaves, found their way home)
612.82 ACKERMAN An Alchemy of Mind
070.92 WALLACE Join Me
(A journalist inadvertently created a cult)
616.362 DANIEL Hepatitis C: the Black Person's Guide
028.9 REMARKA Remarkable Reads
(Authors tackle "the most eloquent book I read"; "the most unpleasant book I read"; and so on for 37 separate, surprising essays. Yes, of course we own the "most incomprehensible" one.)
820.935 PORTER Flesh in the Age of Reason

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May 05, 2005

May Mysteries

Two Westlakes. Donna Leon. Elizabeth Peters. Aaron Elkins. More Maggody madness.

M ALEXAND Rules of Engagement Bruce Alexander
M BENOIT Relative Danger Charles Benoit
M BORN Walking Money James O. Born
M CARTER Trip Wire Charlotte Carter
M DONALDS The Man Who Tried To Get Away Stephen R. Donaldson
M DUNNING The BookMan's Promise John Dunning
M ELKINS Good Blood Aaron Elkins
M GEORGE The Accidental Hunter Nelson George
M GRAVES Tool and Die Sara Graves
M GREEN Way Past Legal Norman Green
M HARPER The Fyre Mirror Karen Harper
M HESS Muletrain to Maggody Joan Hess
M KELLY The Fire Baby Jim Kelly
M KLENSCH Live At 10:00, Dead at 10:15 Elsa Klensch
M LEON Doctored Evidence Donna Leon
M PETERS Guardian Of The Horizon Elizabeth Peters
M ROBOTHA Suspect Michael Robotha
M ROZAN Absent Friends S.J. Rozan
M SIMMONS Dead Man Talking T.M. Simmons
M TORRES Burning Precinct Puerto Rico Book Three Steven Torres
M WESTLAK Thieves' Dozen Donald E. Westlake
M WESTLAK The Road To Ruin Donald E. Westlake

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May 02, 2005

New Books - May

So that you can let us know if you have read any of these books, or reviews of them, or heard any gossip about them, we will turn on comments on this post. This is again on an experimental basis, until the spammers find it.

This is just a sample. There are more.

Books with Dewey Numbers
944.5 STUART The Rose of Martinque
002.075 LANSKY Outwitting History
812.508 PLAY SC Play the Scene
745.54 CORBA Paper Crafts
641.84 MERCURI American Sandwich
362.196 MACK Janet and Me
641.874 MAUTONE Raising the Bar
700.973 VILLANI Art Towns
577.554 CARROLL Ecology for Gardeners
973.332 FISCHER Washington's Crossing
954.792 MEHTA Maximum City
792.094 KERMODE The Age of Shakespeare
813.54 GREENWA The Secret of the Hardy Boys
338.476 ALMOND Candy Freak
780.92 GAINES Evening in the Palace of Reason
520.92 CONNER Kepler's Witch
615.704 WORST P Worst Pills, Best Pills
782.421 NORMAN Shout
(revised, updated)
261.709 WALLIS God's Politics
232.917 SULLIVA The Miracle Detective
747 BUDGET Home Cheap Home
717 BENEKE The Fence Bible
005.446 JOHNSON Show Me Microsoft Windows XP
(2nd edition)
420.0 BRAGG The Adventure of English
649.122 HOGG The Baby Whisperer Solves All Your Problems
394 CRANE The Art of Kissing
081 DIRDA Bound to Please
306.848 RAUCH Gay Marriage
616.398 KAUFMAN Diabesity
364.152 MORRISO My Life Among the Serial Killers
359.93 PARRISH The Submarine
895.11 ANCHOR Anchor Book of Chinese Poetry
362.196 PATCHET Truth and Beauty
(Ann Patchett, author of Bel Canto)

Dewey Review Time:
000 general info
100 philosophy and psychology
200 religion
300 social sciences
400 language
500 science
600 technology
700 arts
800 literature (remember - this includes a lot of fiction as well as criticism)
900 geography and history

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May 01, 2005

Public Computers

We have a small collection of books on the shelves over the public computers. You cannot check them out, but you are welcome to read them in the library whether you are logged on to one of our computers or not. Within the last couple of weeks we have added several titles including:
Web Search Garage
Publishing a Blog with Blogger
Genealogy Online for Dummies
Internet for Dummies 9th ed.
Complete Idiot's Guide to Creating a Web Page & Blog
Sam's Teach Yourself
The Tiny Guide to
Who Let the Blogs Out?

Users of the public machines can, of course, create blogs and web pages, use aggregators and the like. Re aggregators. If you don't know what that that little orange xml button in the left hand column means, please read this.

Our work stations use Linux and open source software, including the very international So you may be interested in trying them out if you use Microsoft or Mac machines at home but want to see what Linux feels like.

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