December 23, 2009

Grisham's Noel

Skipping Christmas by John Grisham
Reviewed by Shanta

Skipping Christmas by John Grisham is full of hilarious jokes and laughs that could amuse anybody!

The Kranks' daughter, Blair, leaves to tutor children in Peru. Mr. and. Mrs. Krank decide to skip the entire idea of Christmas, and save the money to go on a cruise in the Caribbean. This leads to their neighbors being furious, newspaper articles call them horrible names, and Christmas carols irritating them right in front of their house! Then, about a day before Christmas, they hear that Blair is coming home... and she's expecting to see all of the wonderful Christmas decorations and a party!!!! What are Mr. and Mrs. Krank going to do now?!

I would recommend this thrilling book to both boys and girls, especially if they would want something to cheer them up! However, I would not recommend this book for people who enjoy serious books, since this book is not serious at all. Skipping Christmas is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Librarian's note:
Yes, same John Grisham.

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The Alice Series by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
Reviewed by Segan

Alice on Her Way
By: Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

Alice on Her Way is a novel that makes you want more when you're only on the first page. Again, only girls will LOVE this book and want to read the rest of the Alice series.

Alice on Her Way is about how Alice is finally turning sixteen and can now get her license. AND she and her class are going on a trip to New-York city where they plan to have parties and good times! But her eleventh grade year with all the driving lessons and schoolwork is harder then she thought it would be. And if it wasn't bad enough, her boyfriend is too clingy and Alice realizes that turning sixteen has its ups and downs.

This novel is really smart, realistic and funny. Make sure you check out all of the other Alice novels too! And just like all of the other Alice novels, it always gives you something to smile about in the end.

Alice On The Outside
By: Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

This Alice book was one of the OKAY books in the Alice series. Yes, it was funny at times, but the overall book is not something I would read again.

Alice On The Outside is about how Alice's life is changing drastically. Yet, she is ready for her future, especially when her Aunt and cousin come to visit. Alice feels like she can ask her cousin all she needs to know about boys but is mistaken when she finds out the truth. Then, as things couldn't go worse, the eighth grade formal is coming up and something Alice didn't know could happen, happens.

Alice On The Outside is a book for ages 12 and up is mostly a read for girls. In my opinion, Alice on The Outside is one of the Alice books that you just read so you can understand the series. But still, the book is not horrible and is sort of enjoyable.

Almost Alice
By: Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

Almost Alice is one of the best Alice books ever! Yes, all of the other Alice books are books that you can relate to, but this one, everyone can relate to no matter what. The book can get boring at times but its worth the wait because most parts of the book are amazing!

In Almost Alice, Alice is realizing that she has always been a good best friend to Pamela and Liz. Alice starts to think about where she stands in their friendship and whether or not she is just a shoulder to cry on. Then, if things couldn't get more complicated, Patrick starts to talk to Alice more and asks her out to his senor prom after she broke up with him 2 years ago. Throughout the book, Alice finds out that her friends need her more than she thinks. Especially in sticky situations...

This book flows pretty well and rarely gets boring. Mostly girls will like this book from ages 12 and up. Almost Alice is a really good book and I'm pretty sure other girls will like it too.

Librarian's note:
Please look for Phyllis Naylor in a previous post about authors with Takoma Park connections.. In some of the books Alice lives here in TP.

Posted by library at 04:11 PM

December 02, 2009

Las Piratas

Pirates! By Celia Rees
Reviewed by Bronte

I love women pirates, though famous ones are rare. This is the story of Nancy Kington, fleeing an arranged marriage, and Minerva Sharpe, fleeing slavery, who escape together aboard a pirate ship. This sparked my love for female pirates, I was so enthralled by their adventures I went and looked up two of the most famous women pirates Anne Bonny and Mary Reade, who Nancy and Minerva are loosely based on. I flew threw this book and have reread it many times, it is one of my favorite's and led me to read other books by Celia Rees which, though I didn't buy them because I can't find them at Barnes and Noble, are also among my favorites. There was a little romance for those who love the happily ever after stories but that was not the focus. The focus was on their adventures and the cruel Captain Bartholome who is after them. There is a little magic, the folklore kind,. It's fun to read about different types of magic, and I wish I was born in that time period, which made the book that much more enjoyable to read. I would recommend this for young girls (11-12).

To Catch a Pirate by Jade Parker.
Reviewed by Joie

A dashing pirate with ill gotten gains presses a knife to a throat. A stolen kiss is delivered to seal a fate. And as a lady captain with the full intent to hunting him down, Anna will not stop to find the treasure that cost her father so dear. But nothing is as it seems as they are double crossed again and again and the miracle is slipping out of her fingers. This is the tale of Annalisa Townsend and James Sterling in To Catch a Pirate.

Annalisa is on her way with her father to a port that would soon be built for the king and queen, when pirates of the Carribean attack. Their ship is burned and the treasure that would be used to build was lost. Anna must find the pirate who stole the treasure, yet charm from one pirate in particular might bring her to her doom.

This story is mostly a romance with a few spots of action. Most girls probably would enjoy it better than boys as the story accents the romance and flirting between a pirate and a daughter of a governor. It does not provide a truly accurate description of how people were or what the world was like back then, yet it remains a fun, light, lovable story. This is recommended for girls at least eleven, because anyone under that might just consider this gross or not understandable. To Catch a Pirate is good on a weekend morning when you need some spice to brighten up your day.

Librarian's note:
Look up: Ching Shih; Granuaile; Alvilda; Charlotte de Berry; Gunpowder Gertie
Read: She Captains : Heroines and Hellions of the Sea by Joan Druett, 387.54 DRUETT in the adult non-fiction section.

Posted by library at 10:47 AM
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