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March 31, 2005

The Time Traveller's Wife

by Audrey Neffenegger

I was so excited to start this book because it is about a librarian and his hand-papermaking wife. Alas, I could only read 1/3 before I could not take anymore....how sad for me! I just could not keep plodding through this hypertext format. My poor linear brain.

Tina Hudak

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March 28, 2005

End of March Books

The following have now been recently added to the collection. This is an unsorted list - fiction, non-fiction, various genres all mixed together. See something you've been looking for? You can check the catalog for additional information on these titles.


What's a Parent to Do | Gaudeamus (sf)| High Druid of Shannara Bk. 2 (fantasy)| Art and Craft of Hand Lettering | Collapse (social history)| They Made America (about inventions)| Weather Bird (jazz)| Broker (Grisham)| Kite Runner (fiction)| Unfinished Season (fiction)| Falling Awake (fiction)| Hidden River (mystery)| Kafka on the Shore (fiction)| Dreams from my Father (Obama autobiography)| California Girl (fiction)| PC Magazine Windows XP Speed Solutions | Black Englishman (fiction)| When Red is Black (mystery)

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