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December 03, 2005

kirja pukapuka

Want to read a children's book in Swahili? Farsi? Croatian? Hebrew? Dutch? Spanish? Maori etc.

Search the International Childrens Digital Library. You can also search by location (of the library that contributed the book) or by language.

When you actually get into a book, the text is too small to read. See the big magnifying glass at the top of the screen? Use it. How do you turn a page? Click on it.

This is fun for adults too - for those who are learning a language or are interested in scripts.

See also:
The Language Museum
Where do languages come from?
Language dictionaries and another good list (many online dictionaries for languages other than the standard European ones)

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December 01, 2005

Curious George!

Curious George, that funny little monkey adored by young children and sometimes regarded with sinking feelings and "oh, no, not again" by parents - that same little monkey has a more dramatic history than most of us ever realized. Curious George actually escaped the Nazi invasion of France on bicycle with his creators Margaret and H.A. Rey in June of 1940. The story of this courageous venture is told by Louise Borden in a wonderful new biography (in the children's collection) The JourneyThat Saved Curious George. The illustrations by Allan Drummond are delightful and help to make this a book to be savoured by readers of all ages.

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