July 21, 2011

4 by Kellyn

Magyk by Angie Sage
reviewed by Kellyn

If you like the Harry Potter series, you will most likely enjoy reading the book Magyk. It is a novel with great descriptions so the reader feels like he or she is involved in the action. There is a Necromancer (an evil Wizard) by the name of Dom Daniel. In the beginning of the story he was the extraordinary Wizard, or the head Wizard. He was forced off the throne by his Apprentice, exclaiming that he would be back with the seventh son of the seventh son. This happened to be Septimus Heap taken away by the midwife who declared Septimus dead. That night, Septimus' father, Silas Heap came across an abandoned baby girl in the snow. He takes her home and the Heaps take care of the baby. What really happened to Septimus? And where did the baby girl come from? Read this amazing story to find out.

The Time Travelers by Linda Buckley-Archer
reviewed by Kellyn

If you are feeling like reading, don't read The Time Travelers. It is a waste of paper and your time. The book takes place in London, and there is a boy named Peter Schock, and a girl by the name of Kate Dyer. Kate's father is a scientist, and when the two children were at the lab they accidentally go back in time to eighteenth-century London. Peter and Kate become friends, and also become friends with Gideon Seymour, a former thief. Peter and Kate learn many things about each other while avoiding the evil Tar Man and trying to get back to their own century. This book is amazingly slow-paced. You might be like me and fall asleep. Don't waste your time with this novel.

The Throne of Fire by Rick Riordan
reviewed by Kellyn

If you enjoyed the first novel in The Kane Chronicles, you will definitely enjoy the second. The Throne of Fire is a masterpiece of a novel. In this story, the world is endangered once again, but this time by the most horrible enemy yet, Apophis, the god of chaos, or maybe the snake of chaos ... the Kanes only have five days to save their beloved Earth. To have a chance, the Kanes must revive a senile sun god, Ra. But to do that they must get the Book of Ra (with its pieces scattered across the planet). This feat has never been completed by a magician. With hilarious narrators and new characters, this novel is unforgettable.

The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan
reviewed by Kellyn

This novel is for the reader who enjoys reading about mythology and likes to be humored. The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan is a captivating opening to The Kane Chronicles. The novel is about a family that is separated. The daughter lives with her grandparents in London and the son travels the world with his father. Six years after Carter and Sadie Kane's mother's death, Carter comes to London on Christmas Eve. Their father, Julius, takes the children to the British Museum and is banished by a mysterious figure. Soon Carter and Sadie discover they are in a powerful family of magicians and the Ancient Egyptian gods are waking. Set, the god of evil, is planning on destroying the world. The children leave on a magical journey to save the world and save their father. The storytellers are humorous when narrating and make the novel very interesting. The Red Pyramid is a story perfect for readers who enjoy fast-paced action.

Posted by Arlo at July 21, 2011 07:13 PM
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