April 09, 2010

The Real Dog

Secrets of the Natural Dog Owner: Be the Dog by Steve Duno
Reviewed by Joie
Quite the revolutionary thought. After all, we already have dog spas, dog hair cuts, and even clothes for little Fifi. Now the new notion is to become the dog? No, it's not. It's an old notion, to have a dog be a dog. More often than not, dogs are now suddenly humans in dog body form. They suddenly can think like humans. That is the common conception today. Only it's wrong. And it's hurting everyone. Dogs have doggie minds. They do not understand democracy, nor controlled spoiling. Steve Duno knows why. And instead of turning your dog into a human and keep it miserable, turn yourself into a dog. Canine empathy is what will salvage the world of dogs. That's how they fit in.

Going to a new school is scary. Going anywhere new is scary. There's a good reason for that. People don't know where they belong. There is no sense of securities. When a dog is forced to become a human, he can't. He's a dog, with a dog mind, and a dog's sense of leadership. Becoming a proxy human is forcing your dog into situations with no securities. Steve has the answers to this. He explains this, and more. The ancient rules of dogdom, once forgotten, are now in print, in the amazing guide to everything dog minded, Be the Dog.

I loved this book. Dogs are not simply furry little humans. They have wolf lineage, and some people don't respect that. It's heartbreaking to see an overweight, scared, and overly dominant dog, not because it'll jump me, but because he's backed into a situation he can't deal with that his owner forced upon him. Dogs have a different set of life styles and ways of life that deal with dog issues. Steve Duno is a dog expert to have made this kind of guide which is a must to any dog owner.

Posted by at April 9, 2010 03:06 PM
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