March 24, 2009

COMMUNITY ADVISORY - UPDATE There will NOT be an explosion during filming on March 25 in DC

A special effects scene will be staged on Wednesday morning, March 25, 2009 between 9:30 AM and Noon, on the Potomac River, as part of a film production in the District. The controlled special effect, which will last for approximately 2 seconds (not 2 minutes as has been reported previously) is being staged as part of the CBS Paramount television pilot titled 'Washington Field' which will be filming at various locations across the city.

Contrary to reports, there will not be an "explosion," and no boat or any other object will actually "blow up." The contained-pyrotechnic effect will involve a brief flash and plume of smoke that will last for only a few seconds. The scene will be filmed out on the open water, at a safe distance from any roadway, bridge, or other structure.

Posted by Plevy at March 24, 2009 08:09 AM
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