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August 11, 2013

Lego Librarian

This important information is stolen from an SLJ blog, but it is crucial that I repeat it. LEGO has a librarian "minifigure" and it refers to the '90s indie movie Party Girl!

I wish the figure were more Parker Posey-esque and weren't carrying a mug that says "Shhh!" but I'll take what I can get. I'm not one for librarian accouterments or paraphernalia but I am pleased to see this little movie getting some attention, no matter how oblique. I'll give you a hint. The book that she's carrying is Posey's character Mary's misinterpretation of "The Origin of Species."

I saw Party Girl on VHS at my 15th birthday party (!) and my friends hated it and tried to put on Wayne's World instead. Although one of my library school professors was mildly puzzled (and maybe secretly appalled) when I told him, this movie was significant in choosing my career path.

It asserts that reading and organizing and finding information for people, helping them and working hard are all valuable habits and traits. Who wouldn't want to be like Parker Posey? She can do cartwheels at the NYPL, wear four layered shirts at a time, and organize a large vinyl collection in an evening.

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