November 01, 2006


This review was written by Vidhya, a 7th grader.

The plot of "Flipped" is sad, touching, and funny. The plot is interesting because of the characters. The characters change their feelings a lot. You never know what is going to happen.
In one part, Juli gives eggs to the Loski family every morning and Bryce throws them away every day. Bryce does this because his mother is afraid of getting a disease. Though the Loskis think Bryce told Juli to stop giving them the eggs, he doesn’t and just throws them away. This happens for two years. When Juli finally sees Bryce one day, she is crushed. Juli complains and is in tears. She explains that she could of made hundreds of dollars by selling the eggs. That moment is sad because of the way Juli feels.

This book has some very touching moments where you wish you were there with the character, such as when Juli goes with her father to visit her retarded uncle for the first time. It was on her uncle’ s birthday. When she got there she didn’t really understand her uncle. He was speaking differently, and only her father could understand. All three of them went out for ice cream. At the ice cream shop, Juli’s uncle dropped his cone on the floor. He made a big fuss and made a huge mess. Juli found it really embarrassing, although when she left she really saw that she liked him a lot. That was a really touching moment. The plot is also somewhat funny in parts. Bryce’s parents ask him to ask Juli if she had a rooster (she owns chickens!). Bryce is too scared to ask Juli so he takes his friend Garrett to look over her fence. Garrett, the “expert,” says they are all chickens.

All the characters are going through the same problem: theyare not looking at what is right in front of them. The characters are Juli Baker’s family, Bryce Loski’s family, schoolmates, and chickens. The characters are the best part of the book. Bryce and Juli judge each other the wrong way. Bryce doesn’t take the time to notice the good things about Juli. Juli on the other hand adores Bryce. There are lots of these kinds of problems. The characters really brighten up the story.

Posted by The Bee at November 1, 2006 04:07 PM
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