Takoma Park Gardens, Parks and Recreation Fields

We are in the process of reposting our park information as web log entries. Meanwhile here is the list. Each entry will be converted to a link again once the information is reposted.

The information on amenities may be out of date as we have not been to see them all recently.


Stuart M. Armstrong Garden
Holly and Philadelphia Avenues
Lower Portal
Piney Branch and Philadelphia Avenues
Republican Voters Garden / Democratic Voters Garden
Maple at Philadelphia Avenue
Upper Portal (Casey Garden)
Piney Branch and Eastern Avenues
Esther Geib Garden (Lions Club Garden)
part of the Lower Portal garden
Thomas Siegler Gardens
Tulip Avenue near Cedar
Memorial Park
Philadelphia Avenue at Maple

City Parks and Fields

Ed Wilhelm Field
Behind Piney Branch Elementary
Part of the Takoma/Piney Branch Park
Baseball Fields, Soccer Fields, etc.
Colby Tot Lot
Cherry and Colby Avenues
Benches, Grills, Picnic Tables, Playground
Forest Park
Elm and Prince Georges Avenues
Benches, Grills, Picnic Tables, Playground, Shelter, Baseball Fields, Basketball Courts, Gardens
Jackson/Boyd Park
Jackson and Boyd Avenues
Benches, Grills, Picnic Tables, Playground
Toatley-Fraser Park
Eastridge Avenue
Benches, Grills, Picnic Tables, Playground
Heffner Park
Oswego Avenues
Grills, Picnic Tables, Shelter, Playground, Meeting Room, Kitchen
Jequie Park
Albany and Takoma Avenues
Benches, Picnic Tables, Shelter, Playground, Baseball Fields, Basketball Courts, Gardens
B.Y. Morrison Park
Grant, Carroll and Sycamore Avenues
Benches, Picnic Tables, Shelter
Spring Park
Poplar and Elm Avenues
Benches, Grills, Picnic Tables, Playground, Shelter, Baseball Fields, Basketball Courts, Fitness Course, Historic Display

Parks and Fields within Takoma Park but maintained by the Montgomery County, M.C.P.S. or M.N.C.P.P.C.

Please note: permits for a facility do not exactly correspond to which piece of government owns or maintains the field or park. The Takoma Park recreation department issues permits for Jequie Park (Belle Ziegler Park); Spring Park; Forest Park; Heffner Park and also for the fields associated with local Montgomery County schools: Ed Wilhelm Field; Lee Jordan Field; Hodges Field. For all the other places, contact Parks and Planning (M.N.C.P.P.C.).
Hodges Field
behind Takoma Elementary School
previously a soccer field,though the new construction is reducing the size of the field to something quite small
Lee Jordan Field
Piney Branch Avenue at Takoma Middle School
Baseball Fields, Soccer Fields
Takoma/Piney Branch Park
Darwin Avenue behind the Middle School 
Benches, Grills, Picnic Tables, Playground, Shelter, Fitness Course
see also: Takoma Woods
Hillwood Manor Park
13th Avenue and Elson Street
Picnic Tables, Grill, Water Fountain, Playground, Basketball Hoop, Sligo Creek Access, Handicapped Accessible
Takoma Old Town Urban Park
Westmoreland and Carroll Avenues
Opal Daniels Park
Hancock and Sheridan Avenues
Picnic Tables, Grill, Shelter, Water Fountain, Playgrounds, Fitness Course, Handicapped Accessible
Sligo Creek North Neighborhood Playground
Sligo Creek Parkway near Heather Avenue
Picnic Tables, Shelter, Grill, Water Fountain, Playground, Sligo Creek Access
Becca Lilly Neighborhood Playground
Merwood Drive or Central Avenue at Longbranch Creek
Playground, Long Branch Creek Access
Stream Valley Parks
along Longbranch and Sligo Creeks
Hiking/Biking trail along Sligo Creek, Sligo Creek Access, Long Branch Creek Access

trees in Forest Park

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