September 09, 2011


Mango Languages
Little Pim is our language program for small children. Mango is our offering for adults and older children. Both are free for all our library cardholders.
When you enter Mango (the adult version) from our library site you will see a log in screen with three choices:

  • enter with just your library card number
  • create a profile so that in subsequent sessions you can just pick up where you left off
  • log in with your e-mail address and password if you've already created a profile

Start by learning a bit of Pirate. That will show you how Mango works and what to expect. Look for the extras such as grammar hints or cultural tips.

Remember that you need to enter from our website. Bookmark our language page, not Mango itself.

You can use Mango for English practice. In addition to the current 34 languages offered (we aren't counting Pirate), separate English lessons are available for speakers of 26 languages.

Plug in a microphone to test your pronunciation...

Using a microphone with Mango:

  1. Test to be sure your microphone is working. You may need to fiddle with your sound options.
  2. When you see a little microphone icon to the left of a little speaker icon, click it. (If you are on a page that has a clock running, click on Show the Answer first in order to find the microphone icon.)
  3. You then will see two rectangles, the top one "Narrator's Voice" and the bottom one "Your Voice".
  4. Click the top one, the narrator's sample, first. We don't know why. We just discovered that this didn't work for us if we went straight to the red record button.
  5. Then click on the red record button next to the bottom box (you may be asked to authorize recording the first time) and record your voice.
  6. Now you can flick back and forth, comparing your pronunciation with that of the narrator. Yes, we know this is embarrassing and awful. Just be sure no one else is about.
  7. You can replay the same page to try again, or go on to the next part of the lesson.

How to find out if your microphone is working:
red dotWindows: start > all programs > accessories > entertainment > sound recorder
Press record, say something to the mike, look at the green box. Anything happening?
red dotMac: system preferences > sound > input tools
Select your microphone from the list. Say something and look for movement in the level indicator box.
red dotLinux (Ubuntu): applications > sound & video > sound recorder
Did you find the red dot? Try it.

If nothing is happening, look at the plug. You should be using the red/pink one for a microphone, not the green one which is for your speakers or headphones. Or, if it is a USB microphone, be sure it is plugged into a USB port.

BTW, to modify your mike setting in Ubuntu try
system > preferences > sound > input
You may need to do this if you are switching back and forth between regular and USB microphones (don't ask). Windows has something similar in the control panel.

Posted by library at September 9, 2011 06:46 PM
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