Printing from your Wireless Laptop 

  1. You must be connected to the Library's wireless signal: TPlibrary.

  2. Save the file you want to print, in one of the acceptable file types.

  3. Go to and print the file. You will probably want to use browse to find it, and this is often easier if you saved it to your desktop. This is the same procedure you use to send a file attachment in e-mail.

  4. Collect your printed pages at the desk. We change 20¢ per page and a maximum of 5 pages will be printed.

File Types

Word Processing
Save / Save As / Export (the actual command depends on which program you are using) your work as one of the following: .pdf; .rtf; .txt; .doc (Microsoft Word 97/2000/XP)

Spreadsheet Programs
Choose .pdf or .xls

Choose .jpg or .gif The current printer does not print in color.

Web pages
If you are using a Mac, save as .pdf
If using Windows or Linux with Firefox, add one of these extensions so that you too can save an html document as a .pdf file: web2pdfconverter; pdfit; printpdf

File still not in one of these formats?
Upload it to a service such as to get it converted. The process is free, easy and quick. If you have just a simple text file, don't bother converting it. Just cut and paste into the appropriate box.