box01 (1K) Please read all the following policies for using these computers. They are intended to
    a) keep the equipment safe, and
    b) provide an inviting and user-friendly environment for everyone.
By clicking on the accept button, you are confirming that you understand and agree to follow them. Violations of these policies may result in curtailment of your library and computer privileges. Your library account will be blocked.

box01 (1K) You must have a valid Takoma Park Maryland Library card and a PIN to sign on to the computers. These may be obtained in the Library. Please do not share your numbers with others.

box01 (1K) If you are under 16 years old, you will have only filtered access to the Internet. If you are 16 or older, filtering is optional. If you find you are excluded from something you need, ask a staff person for help.

box01 (1K) If you are under 8 years old, you may not sign on to the computers directly. You may work with a parent or guardian if that person is signed on.

box01 (1K) No large-screen action video is allowed because it drains most of the computer power and so causes problems for other people who are using the same computer.

box01 (1K) The City of Takoma Park is not responsible for the loss of any unattended property left in the computer rooms or the Library. Do not leave backpacks, bags, disks, phones, flash drives or other objects.

box01 (1K) The larger computer room is intended for use by those who may wish to work in small groups, get assistance from a staff person, talk quietly or use cell phones. If you want help or company, please use this room.

box01 (1K) The smaller room is intended for individual users who generally don't need help, and who prefer a quiet atmosphere to do their work. Please help us to maintain it as a quiet room.

box01 (1K) We invite you to use the computers in the Library if you particularly need help in searching for information. Experienced Library staff are there to give research help.

box01 (1K) Wherever you work, please take time to read the help pages. These have important directions on such topics as saving your work and printing. You can find them by clicking on the Home button on your browser.

box01 (1K) Please be respectful of equipment. No food or drink is allowed in the computer center except during scheduled program events.

box01 (1K) All persons using the computer rooms should treat each other with courtesy and respect. Disruptive behavior or rude and abusive language are not permitted.

box01 (1K) All uses of the computers must be lawful. No threatening or harassing emails may be sent. Copyright laws must be obeyed including (but not limited to) laws concerning videos, music, images and other copyrighted material. Do not tamper with, copy, or hack network systems, software, or accounts.

box01 (1K) The display or printing of pornographic web sites is prohibited. Please remember - these are not your personal computers and the screens are not private. They are viewable by anyone who might walk past, including children.

box01 (1K) Staff need to take appropriate actions to resolve problems which arise during use of the public computers and to enforce policies and rules. To this end, staff members may need to observe Internet and other use, question users, and restrict conduct by users which violates the policies.

box01 (1K) The City will not act in loco parentis. The responsibility for what a minor uses rests with the parent or guardian. Parents or guardians who are concerned about their child's Internet use should provide guidance to their children and not to others.

box01 (1K) Above all, we want you to use and enjoy these public computers - brought to you through donations by the Takoma Foundation, the Friends of the Takoma Park Maryland Library and the Friends of Mike Morrissey.


Contact the director by e-mail
or call the desk at 301-891-7259