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April 29, 2015

Jay Hosler: Last of the Sandwalkers! Thurs 4/30 7:30PM. Bugs! Science! Action!

Come Meet Jay Hosler at the Takoma Park MD Library tomorrow night as he introduces and reads from his epic tale Last of the Sandwalkers. Reviewed below.

LAST OF THE SANDWALKERS (First Second Press, 2015)

Six bold beetles gear up to explore the world beyond their small oasis in the desert. Is there life in the great sandy wastes? Or will the anger of the great god Scarabus smite them for the heresy that is curiosity...

Lucy finds the thing in the desert

Biology professor Jay Hosler writes interestingly complex and amusing comics that are fairly rustling with intelligence and humor. Best known for his Xeric Award winning Clan Apis, a friendly and personable look at the life cycle of bees, Hosler has also penned a handful of other amusing and edifying graphic stories. Whether we listen in on conversations between Charles Darwin and a follicle mite that lives in his eyebrow (Sandwalk Chronicles) or dive into the primordial soup (literally, in a cauldron stirred by the three fates of myth) to retrieve a lost eyeball and learn how the structure of the eye evolved over time (Optical Allusions) Hosler clearly loves the process of blending education and entertainment,

In Last of the Sandwalkers Hosler tackles a more straightforward but perhaps more ambitious project: to tell a stand-alone story entertaining on its own merits, while hiding all the biology in the narrative. This is the epic quest of a small band of inquisitive bugs whose inquisitive nature dares them to question the dogma that keeps them in line. Well equipped for anything they could anticipate, except perhaps for jealousy and betrayal...

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