May 06, 2011

Vampire Academy Final

Last Sacrifice by Richelle Mead
reviewed by Chimey

If you've been following the Vampire Academy series this far, you'll be delighted to dive into Richelle Mead's final wrap-up book of the series, the Last Sacrifice. Rose Hathaway, the series' protagonist, is heroically stubborn, independent, and smart-mouthed as ever, even as she is accused as the Queen's murderer and tried in court. But no matter who backs Rose up, be it her notorious father Abe, her famous Guardian mother Janine, her secret lover Dimitri, or her orphaned best friend the royal Lissa Dragomir, Rose's days till execution are being counted down. Her marked death day on the calender isn't the only thing inspiring her to break out of the prison—when Queen Tatianna was murdered and Rose was framed as the killer, a note was left for Rose. The note stated that Lissa was not the only Dragomir left in her family—another half-royal, illegitimate child lives in secrecy. If this child is found, then Lissa is eligible for running for the next ruler of the Royal Court. And if Lissa is the Court's next ruler, she can lead the Moroi (vampire) society to better times.

Luckily,working under pressure is one thing Rose does best, and with the help of her friends, she busts out of prison with a few goals in mind: finding the real murderer to clear her name, locating Lissa's half-sibling, and getting Dimitri off her back.

Ever since Dimitri was turned from a Strigoi, an evil vampire, back into a dhampir, a good half-vampire, he's been reluctant to resume his relationship with Rose. He states quite blandly that he's left with no emotions but guilt and sadness. But this doesn't seem to be the case when he's stubbornly working with her after she escapes lockdown. But Rose has already moved on from Dimitri to the funny, sarcastic Adrian Ivashkov. With the addition of this the awkward love triangle, Rose's problems are taken a notch higher.

If you like reading books with a strong, mouthy female protagonist and other characters who aren't overshadowed by her shockingly likeable personality, the Vampire Academy series is for you, following through to the final book. As the series' final spin-off, Last Sacrifice wraps up the tale of Rose Hathaway in print, but the story lingers unforgettably in the hearts of the many addicted readers.

Posted by Arlo at May 6, 2011 04:47 PM
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