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October 30, 2009

The Girls of Dish

Deep Freeze by Diane Mildrow
Reviewed by: Chimey

Diane Mildrow completes the eighth book in the Dish series with an astonishingly spellbinding book.
What is Dish? Amanda and Molly Moore, Peichi, Shawn, and Natasha get together for cooking and earning money, Dish is formed—the cooking group.

In Deep Freeze, Windsor Middle School goes for a ski trip. The group can't wait to get a relief from busying their tired arms in the kitchen. So they all agree to go on the ski trip and chat about it all school day. A nice, long, break. What could go wrong? Only, Angie's there.

Angie was Shawn's former friend until she started bullying Shawn's friends. Disappointed in her friend, Shawn dropped Angie and returned to Dish. Now Angie's back for revenge and Shawn's life takes a critical twist as she is embarrassed and humiliated by her rival. Many things take place as Angie plays her part.

Angie switches Shawn's bus and, separated from her friends, Shawn sits three rows away quietly from Angie and her cheerleading friends. Graffiti and gum end up on Shawn's belongings. Scared but refusing to tell any adults, Shawn remains quiet. But she tries to ignore the insults and remarks with her pals by her side.

Omar, Justin, and Connor jump into the girls' cabins, snapping a picture of them in face masks and rushing out. The next morning, there's a picture of them in the same hands thrown up position. In a hearty but determined mood, the girls decide on a plan to get them back.

They slip into the boys' cabin and set up different alarm clocks all over the cabin. The boys wake up the next morning to seven different ringing noises, tired and exhausted. They exchange woozy but slightly hearty glances at breakfast.

Is everything what is seems to be? Is everything going to be alright with Shawn and Angie? Was she really going to survive a whole ski trip with Angie? Read the rest of the book to find out.

Dish, by Diane Mildrow is one of my favorite series, especially this book, Deep Freeze. I give this book 5 full stars. I think this book is only for girls since everything is from a girls' view. Diane is a great writer. I almost felt like I was in the story! I loved the part where the boys and girls taped names up on the windows in the bus. Check this book out today!

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