July 07, 2008

Percy Jackson, Demigod

Percy Jackson & the Olympians, series by Rick Riordan
Reviewed by Joie

The lightning thief Bk. 1
Epic tales usually begin faraway from home. They transverse time and space, creating a fantasy far beyond normal life. However, this story, The Lightning Thief, is about something huge and catastrophic happening right in our world.

Percy Jackson discovers a mysterious fate to be brought upon him right in his home city, New York. Greek gods start to change his life as he is suddenly thrown into a conspiracy. And somehow, he is saddled with the burden of returning an item to the gods, else face the horror of the world being thrown into chaos and nature at war.

Overall, this book sticks the greatness of the ancient Greek gods and the modern day America together to create a mind absorbing story. It is easy to understand, but a great book to enjoy on a dull day. The adventures and thrills of The Lightning Thief led my entire class pulled into its pages as they struggled with Minotaurs and boggled their minds with prophecies. People can easily see those every day weird events might be much more to one like Percy Jackson. From Greek god worshipers to people who just picked it up on the nearest shelf, I dare you to open those pages and experience a read of a lifetime.

The sea of monsters Bk. 2
Once again disaster strikes as poison seeps into the ground and satyrs go missing. An epic journey to a place, that is known too well and feared throughout, for a friend and many lives. This is the sequel, The Sea of Monsters, by Rick Riordan.

Percy Jackson has barely recovered from his last accusatory quest when another gets thrown at him. The protection is fading, the trusted ones are leaving, and a monster who has earned his place in legends is stirring. In one week, he must journey to the Sea of Monsters to rescue his best friend, and find the cure for his one chance at survival.

The story, a sequel to The Lightning Thief, brings in tides of fresh adventure that everyone loves. Although the story was brilliant, I felt it ended too soon. Perhaps that just goes to show how addicting it was. All my friends around me gushed over it and book trading happened for the next two weeks. New challenges with man-eating singers, orthodontist's nightmares, and more causes one to continue to read without stop. Laughing at Percy's blunders and party ponies. The detail is exquisite with the monsters specific enough to picture in your head. A plot turns your mind as you try to decide who to trust. Read and you won't be disappointed!

The Titan's curse Bk. 3
A third installment to a wondrous series, The Titan's Curse is a force to be reckoned with. You may have read the first two books, but the third holds secrets beyond imaginations.

A band of Hunters who've sworn loyalty to Artemis and a group of campers trying to prevent the gods from turning against each other at the Council. A monster so powerful that even a goddess cannot track it down. And only one week to stop the tragedy. Percy Jackson is once again on a quest. Yet this times he steals forth out of camp and faces something older, far more sinister, than the Gods themselves.

Three parts with more to come, The Titan's Curse holds readers captive. Some people might read further into the story and come up with ideas, but even just the raw text contains thrill. Friends and foes have been waiting for this moment, when the daughter of Zeus returns and the humans and half-bloods alike must fight for everything and everyone they wish to save. Twelve Gods, five quest undertakers, and one goal to save the world. Read it for the entertainment of the world!

The battle of the Labyrinth Bk. 4
The time has come once again. Words of stories and powers from the days of Ancient Greece roll off the page in a epic novel. The fourth and newest story has been brought to light. Picking up from when the ancient tales leave off, The Battle of the Labyrinth starts the threatening rising of one Titan and an tale with unexpected twists at every turn.

Being attacked is normal for the newly high schooler, Percy Jackson. These attacks usually end up getting him kicked out of schools, or destroying such schools. After all, being a half blood isn't an easy thing to be. Yet when a mortal, shrouded in mystery, comes up into his life again, followed by strange animal, automaton, and ghost monsters, a battle he has never known was possible is about to happen. The inventor, possibly insane and over a millennium old, is their only chance for survival. But with the Titans rising and Luke being called to serve his highest role, will they be able to reach him in time?

This book was checked out in my library as soon as it hit the shelves. Crowds of children line up at the library, hoping to hold it and receive it. I've read it and it lives up to all the books that Rick Riordan wrote before hand. Full of action, clever riddles, and befuddling mysteries, The Battle of the Labyrinth is one of the most breathtaking books of the series. Many line up to get it. Hundreds scream after reading it. Dash to the library and put down a hold, as the Labyrinth won't wait for you forever. Get ready to plunge into the inky depths and learn the ultimate secrets in this fabulous installment of the Percy Jackson and The Olympians, The Battle of the Labyrinth.

Librarian's notes:
Joie is right. These are very good.
A fifth book, The Lost Chariot, will be published in 2009.
Rick Riordan's blog.

Posted by library at July 7, 2008 10:43 AM
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