June 15, 2008

Tales of Flying Bunnies

Horowitz horror by Anthony Horowitz .
Reviewed by Jackson

As far as I know, everyone has heard of the Alex Rider adventures, by Anthony Horowitz. Few children don't love that series. Yet, this book, Horowitz Horror, made as a collection of short stories by Horowitz himself, is rarely spoken of. After reading this book, I can see why. It's so un-scary, it's scary. This book is weak. I read the book twice, just to make sure I wasn't hallucinating. A more suiting title for this book would be Horowitz Tales of Flying Bunnies. The best thing about this book is that if you imagine enough, it can transform into a pillow for you to sleep in during American History class. The worst thing about this book is the trickery it uses. So many people love Anthony Horowitz, they assume that this book might only have one badly written story. The reader reads on and on for at least an hour before realizing that there are no scary stories, only stories about psychic computers (BLECH!!!) and respecting nature. The characters may seem real, if by real you mean a boy who “accidentally” walks into an arcade game. The setting changes each story, from London to farmland, and cannot hold my attention for more than ten words. I got bored to tears when I was reading this book. There was too much story, and not enough action. The author called his character's parents by their first names, which was very confusing. Boys ages 8-10 might enjoy this book more than the older kids, who are probably reading comics. Sure, this book is scary, if you haven't read The Lottery yet. That was a scary book.

Posted by library at June 15, 2008 03:49 PM
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