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December 01, 2007


Does your child suffer from a bully's nasty little attacks? A child may suddenly absolutely hate going to school - and you haven't a clue as to the reason. Even kindergarteners can be bullies or victims. Here are some books to help.

Learning Bully Protection

J 302.3 ROMAIN Bullies are a pain in the brain written and illustrated by Trevor Romain. Serious but often funny, written for kids who are already reading fairly well. Parents of younger children might want to read parts of this to them and paraphrase, discuss, act out little scenes.
371.58 POWELL Talking about bullies. No humor here. For parents and young kids.
371.58 FRIED Bullies & victims : helping your child survive the the schoolyard battlefield.

Picture Books About Bullying

J PIC NAYLOR King of the playground.
J PIC PEET Big bad Bruce.
J PIC LANDSTR Four hens and a rooster.
J PIC SOREL The Saturday kid.

And many more. Dave picked this group of picture books because the victims solve their problems without magical intervention - where is Cinderella's fairy godmother when you need her?

For Older Kids

The Bully of Barkham Street. Mary Stoltz' 1963 classic about an 11 year old boy who is a bully. We have copies both in J FIC and on a J room paperback cart.

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