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January 09, 2006

Million Little Pieces

Check The Smoking Gun for an extensive report of their research regarding this "non-fiction" book.
362.29 FREY A million little pieces / James Frey

We also have one of the J.T. Leroy books, at least we classified it as fiction.
FIC LEROY The heart is deceitful above all things / by J.T. Leroy

February update:
We also have three books in the "non-fiction" section by Nasdijj
- who is not really native American, not really the father of any adoptive children, but Timothy P. Barrus, a middle aged white man from Lansing Michigan.

Sherman Alexie, a genuine Native American writer, had been trying to warn the publishing world that Nasdijj was a fraud for years. The indigenous communities and The National Congress of American Indians have always had a very difficult time getting anyone to listen when they try to point out the imposters.

Other fake "non-fiction" books in our collection include several works by Carlos Castaneda and The Education of Little Tree by "Forrest" (actually Asa) Carter.

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